My favorite audio books

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My favorite audio books

Порука од Hubert » Уто Авг 15, 2023 9:43 am

Today I want to share my beste hörbücher recommendations with you. As an avid listener, over time I have discovered some real treasures that I don't want to hide from you. Here are my top 3:

"Der Herr der Ringe" by J.R.R. Tolkien, by Andreas Fröhlich - This audiobook takes me back to the fascinating world of Middle-earth every time. Andreas Fröhlich manages to bring the epic story to life with his voice.

The "Harry Potter" series by J.K. Rowling Read by Rufus Beck - The magical world of Harry Potter comes to life thanks to Rufus Beck's masterful storytelling. An absolute must for fans of the books!

"Die Säulen der Erde" by Ken Follett Read by Tobias Kluckert - This gripping historical story was presented by Tobias Kluckert in a way that completely captivated me. The perfect accompaniment for long evenings.

I hope these suggestions will enrich your audiobook collection as well as mine. Let me know what your personal preferences are.

Have fun listening to music and explore new worlds

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